Although Bordeaux’s tramway was not opened earlier but in late 2003, it is already one of the biggest tramway systems in France. Currently, there are three lines, which operate separate from each other. Every line has just one intersection with the two other lines. In this way the lines form a triangle in the city centre. Line A is the only line which crosses the river Garonne to serve the eastern neighbourhoods. It is as well the only line which has a branch. All three lines possess longer sections with Alimentation par Sol (APS), a ground-level power supply system. Bordeaux was the first city in the world that adopted this technology. The motivation was to avoid negative visual influence of aerial contact lines in sensitive ambience. APS can be found on all three central sections, but as well in Mérignac at the western end of line A. Various extensions should bring the network to approximately 80 km until 2017.


A Mérignac Centre - Buttinière - La Gardette/Floirac Dravemont (20,5 km)
B Claveau - Pessac Centre (15,2 km)
C Berges du Lac - Bègles Terres Neuves (8,8 km)


21/12/2003   A Mériadeck - Buttinière - Lormont Lauriers/Cenon La Morlette (9,8 km)
24/04/2004   C Gare Saint-Jean - Quinconces (2,8 km)
15/05/2004   B Quinconces - Saint-Nicolas (2,3 km)
03/07/2004   B Saint-Nicolas - Bougnard (6,9 km)
26/09/2005   A Mériadeck - Saint-Augustin (2,6 km)
27/02/2007   A Cenon La Morlette - Floirac Dravemont (1,6 km)
27/02/2007   A Station Cenon Gare
29/05/2007   B Bougnard - Pessac Centre (1,3 km)
21/06/2007   A Saint-Augustin - Mérignac Centre (4,6 km)
23/07/2007   B Quinconces - Bassins à Flot (2,6 km)
19/11/2007   C Quinconces - Grand Parc (2,1 km)
27/02/2008   C Grand Parc - Les Aubiers (1,5 km)
27/02/2008   C Gare Saint-Jean - Bègles Terres Neuves (1,7 km)
31/05/2008   A Lormont Lauriers - La Gardette (1,9 km)
20/10/2008   B Bassins à Flot - Claveau (2,1 km)
01/02/2014   C Les Aubiers - Berges du Lac (0,7 km)


Phase 3a (2014/2015)
A Mérignac Centre - Mérignac Les Pins
B Claveau - Berges de La Garonne (0,8 km)
B Bougnard - Pessac Alouette
C Les Aubiers - Bordeaux Lac (Parc des Expositions)
C Bègles Terres Neuves - Bègles Terre Sud
D Quinconces - Barrière du Médoc

Phase 3b (2017)
C Bègles Terre Sud - Villenave d'Ornon
D Barrière du Médoc - Cantinolle

Tram-Train du Médoc (2015)
Razevies - Blanquefort

Rolling Stock

88 Citadis 402, delivered as from 2002/2006/2013
12 Citadis 302, delivered as from 2002/2006


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