After Nancy, Caen was the second French city to establish a so-called tramway sur pneus, a tram on rubber tyres. The double-articulated dual mode vehicles of the GLT/TVR type are guided on the entire network by a central guiding rail; a standard tramway catenary provides the electric power supply. In this way the vehicles run always in “tram”-mode. The only exception is the route to the depot without catenary and guidage, which must be run in “bus”-mode. Due to its unreliability, the system will be replaced by a conventional tramway in 2018.


A Campus II - Copernic - Poincaré – Ifs Jean Vilar (10,8 km)
B Saint-Clair - Copernic - Poincaré – Grâce de Dieu (9,7 km)


15/11/2002   A/B Campus II/Saint-Clair - Copernic - Poincaré – Grâce de Dieu/Ifs Jean Vilar (14,7 km + turning loops)


Possible extensions from all four termini and a third line in east-west-direction are planned, but they will not come to fruition before the conversion of lines A and B to tramway operation.

Rolling Stock

24 GLT/TVR, delivered as from 1996


Twisto -
Syndicat Mixte des Transports en Commun de l'Agglomération Caennaise -


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