Clermont-Ferrand was the first city in the world that built a Translohr tramway system. Like the GLT/TVR in Caen and Nancy, Translohr is an electric-powered vehicle on rubber tyres that is guided by a central rail. However, in contrast to the GLT/TVR it can run neither without guidance nor without overhead power supply. So it can be considered as a “real” tramway in operational sense. The decision for the Translohr was made in 2001, after the biggest employer in the city, the rubber tyre producer Michelin, opposed against the original plan for a conventional steel-wheel tramway.


A Les Vergnes - La Pardieu Gare (15,4 km)


14/10/2006   A Champratel - CHU Gabriel Montpied (9,3 km)
27/08/2007   A CHU Gabriel Montpied - La Pardieu Gare (4,4 km)
14/12/2013   A Champratel - Les Vergnes (1,7 km)


B Royat Allard - 1er Mai

Rolling Stock

26 Translohr, delivered as from 2005 (1 Translohr destroyed by fire in 2009)


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