Grenoble was the second city in France after Nantes that built a new-generation tramway system. But even more than Nantes, Grenoble was trend setting, not only for France, but for the tramway in general: It was the first tramway network in the world that established full accessibility with low floor vehicles and corresponding platforms at all stops. As well it was the first new-generation system that was integrated in narrow Old Town streets, together with intensive pedestrianisation and urban rearrangements. And, last but not least, never before the design of a tram vehicle was paid attention in such a global way, the vehicles should fit in the city, and therefore they were constructed as something individual and special. Most other French Tramway cities later followed these basic guidelines.

The first two lines A and B opened between 1987 and 1990 and were later extended. They have a common trunk route in the city centre. Lines C and D were added in 2006 and 2007. Whereas Line C passes the city centre on the southern flank, Line D is the first part of a future semi-circular line to connect several suburbs. The biggest extension project is a fifth line that will bring tramway access to the northern parts of the agglomeration.


A Fontaine La Poya - Échirolles Denis Papin (12,8 km)
B Cité Internationale - Plaine des Sports (9,1 km)
C Seyssins - Condillac (9,5 km)
D Les Taillées - Etienne Grappe (2,6 km)


01/08/1987   A Gares - Hubert Dubedout - Grand’Place (5,3 km)
05/09/1987   A Gares - Louis Maisonnat (1,8 km)
01/01/1988   A Louis Maisonnat - Fontaine La Poya (1,9 km)
24/11/1990   B Universités - Hubert Dubedout (4,4 km) - further via line A to Gares
11/03/1996   A Grand’Place - Delaune (3,3 km)
02/12/1997   A Delaune – Échirolles Denis Papin (0,5 km)
01/11/1999   B Saint-Bruno - Firmin Gautier (0,4 km)
02/03/2001   B Firmin Gautier - Cité Internationale (0,5 km)
30/08/2004   A Station Échirolles Gare
20/03/2006   B Universités - Plaine des Sports (2,1 km)
20/05/2006   C Seyssins - Gabriel Fauré (7,9 km) - further via line B to Condillac
06/10/2007   D Les Taillées - Etienne Grappe (2,0 km new track, 0,6 km via line C)


B Cité Internationale - Polygone Scientifique (2014)
E Louise Michel - Fontanil-Cornillon (11,5 km, 2014/15)
A Échirolles Denis Papin - Pont de Claix
A Fontaine La Poya - Sassenage
C Mairie de Grenoble - Meylan
D Etienne Grappe - Grand’Place (- Fontaine)

Rolling Stock

53 TFS 2, delivered as from 1986/1989/1991/1995
50 Citadis 402, delivered as from 2005/2008


Sémitag -
Syndicat Mixte des Transports en Commun Agglomération Grenobloise -


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