Le Havre

Le Havre opened a 13,2 km line with Y-configuration on 12/12/2012. The inner-city terminus plage is located directly at the sea. Between the stations Rond-Point and Jenner there is a long tunnel (575m), it was built to reach the upper parts of the city besides an older road tunnel. There is also a funicular between the lower and upper city.


ALa Plage - Place Jenner - Grand Hameau (8,4 km)
BLa Plage - Place Jenner - Caucriauville (8,9 km) - 4,1 km shared section with line A


12/12/2012   A/B Plage - Place Jenner - Grand Hameau/Caucriauville (13,2 km)

Rolling Stock

22 Citadis 302, delivered as from 2012



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