Nancy was the first French city to establish a so-called tramway sur pneus, a tram on rubber tyres. The system featured double-articulated dual mode vehicles of the GLT/TVR type. They can run both in electric and diesel traction, and either guided by a central guiding rail or without guidance. In Nancy, the GLT/TVR is used in various operational combinations: as a guided electric tramway, as a trolleybus or as a diesel bus. However, the implementation of the GLT/TVR was a real technological flop. There were derailments as well as problems at the points of system changes between non-guided and guided mode. As a result, the whole system had to be closed for one year just three months after the inauguration. Since the reopening, there are speed limits at the guided sections. The future of the system is thus unclear. Various originally planned extensions will now be build similar to the "busway" in Nantes with separate alignments for normal buses.


1 Vandoeuvre CHU Brabois - Essey Mouzimpré (11,4 km)


08/12/2000   1 Vandoeuvre CHU Brabois - Gare - Point Central - Essey Mouzimpré (11,4 km)
11/03/2001   1 Service temporarily suspended due to technical problems
29/03/2002   1 Reopening


All GLT/TVR-projects are suspended. Originally there were plans for two more lines and a branch for line 1:
1 Vélodrome - Jeanne d'Arc
2 Laxou Provinces - Gare - Point Central
3 Champ-le-Boeuf - Gare - Point Central - Jarville

Rolling Stock

25 GLT/TVR, delivered as from 2000


Grand Nancy -


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