The tramway lines in the greater Paris area, known as Île de France, can be found mainly in the suburbs and on tangential routes. Merely the T3 is situated inside the border of Paris, but it is also a tangential line. In this way, the tramway acts as a feeder and complement for the radial and dense Métro and RER (Réseau Express Régional) network. At the moment, all four lines are operated individually without any track connections. They are quite different: T1 runs mainly in the middle strip of streets and connects several suburbs, T2 is a converted ancient railway line operated with standard tramways, T3 runs in the middle of a prestigious Boulevard, T4 is a "Tram-Train" operated with dual voltage stock over a modified railway line and T5 is a rubber-tired Translohr line. Many more lines are under construction or on the drawing board. In 2014, there should be three additional lines, all in the suburbs as well.


T1 Les Courtilles - Noisy-le-Sec (16,9 km)
T2 Porte de Versailles - Pont de Bezons (17,9 km)
T3a Pont du Garigliano - Porte de Vincennes (12,4 km)
T3b Porte de Vincennes - Porte de La Chapelle (9,9 km)
T4 Aulnay-sous-Bois - Bondy (7,9 km)
T5 Marché de Saint-Denis - Garges-Sarcelles (6,6 km)
T7 Villejuif - Athis-Mons (11,2 km)


06/07/1992   T1 Bobigny - La Courneuve 8 Mai 1945 (3,7 km)
18/12/1992   T1 La Courneuve 8 Mai 1945 - Saint-Denis (5,4 km)
01/07/1997   T2 Issy Val de Seine - La Défense (11,3 km)
15/12/2003   T1 Bobigny – Noisy-le-Sec (2,9 km)
18/11/2006   T4 Aulnay-sous-Bois - Bondy (7,9 km)
16/12/2006   T3 Pont du Garigliano - Porte d’Ivry (7,9 km)
21/11/2009   T2 Issy Val de Seine - Porte de Versailles (2,3 km)
15/11/2012   T1 Saint-Denis - Les Courtilles (4,9 km)
19/11/2012   T2 La Défense - Pont de Bezons (4,2 km)
15/12/2012   T3 Porte d'Ivry - Porte de Vincennes (4,5 km) - line renamed as T3a
15/12/2012   T3b Porte de Vincennes - Porte de La Chapelle (9,9 km)
29/07/2013   T5 Marché de Saint-Denis - Garges-Sarcelles (6,6 km)
16/11/2013   T7 Villejuif - Athis-Mons (11,2 km)


T8 Saint Denis - La Poterie - Epinay/Villetaneuse (8,5 km, 2014)
T6 Châtillon – Viroflay (14 km, 2014/2015)
T4 Gargan - Clichy-Montfermeil (2017) - branch from T4
T3b Porte de la Chapelle - Porte d'Asnières (2017)
T7 Athis-Mons - Juvisy-sur-Orge (2018)
T1 Noisy-le-Sec - Montreuil - Fontenay-sous-Bois (2019)
T9 Porte de Choisy - Orly Ville (10,3 km, 2020)
T10 Antony - Clamart (8,2 km, 2020)
T1 Les Courtilles - Nanterre
T8 Evangile - Saint Denis

Rolling Stock

35 TFS 2, delivered as from 1992/1995 for line T1 (originally as well for line T2)
60 Citadis 302, delivered as from 2002/04/08/11 for line T2 (+6 ordered for 2015) - operated in coupled pairs
15 Avanto, delivered as from 2005 for line T4
46 Citadis 402, delivered as from 2005/11 for line T3
15 Translohr STE3, delivered as from 2012 for line T5
28 Translohr STE6, delivered as from 2013 for line T6
39 Citadis 302, delivered as from 2012 for lines T7 and T8


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