In 1986 there was already a tramway project in Reims, but it failed last-minute just before signing the contracts due to political disagreement. In 2005, a second project was launched, and a 9 km urban tramway line with a 2 km rural branch to Champagne TGV station opened in April 2011. In the center Reims uses ground-level power supply (Alimentation par Sol) like in Bordeaux, because the tramway passes the cathedral. The vehicles are designed like Champaign cups, a reverence to city's most famous product.


A Neufchâtel - Hôpital (9,1 km)
B Neufchâtel - Gare Champagne TGV (10,7 km)


16/04/2011   A Neufchâtel - Gare Reims - Hôpital (9,1 km)
16/04/2011   B Gare Reims - Gare Champagne TGV (7,0 km) - 4,9 km shared section with line A
29/08/2011   B Extented from Gare Reims to Neufchâtel via line A


Various extensions are considered. There are already two junctions at the stations Opéra and Comédie for a future East-West-Line.

Rolling Stock

18 Citadis 302, delivered as from 2010




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