The tramway of Rouen is quite different from all other French tramway systems, as it is similar to German Stadtbahn or Belgian Pré-Métro networks and thus officially called Métro. There is an underground trunk route in the city centre and two overground branches in the southern suburbs. Nonetheless, these overground sections are built in French standard with many grassed tracks and sensitive urban insertion. Originally a second underground trunk route was planned for the east-west corridor, but this plan was cancelled due to financial reasons and no more extensions or lines are planned today. Instead a modern bus system named TEOR with many bus lanes, tramway-like stations and optical guidance was established for the east-west axis.


M Boulingrin – Saint-Sever - Georges Braque/Technopolôle (15,1 km)


17/12/1994   M Boulingrin – Saint-Sever - Georges Braque/Hôtel de Ville Sotteville (10,9 km)
01/09/1997   M Hôtel de Ville Sotteville – Technopôle (4,2 km)
01/09/1997   M Station Palais de Justice



Rolling Stock

27 Citadis 402, delivered as from 2012


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